'Hotel Rotterdam, Wake up in Architecture' 2016 could be organized thanks to participation of the International Architecture Biennale (IABR) and Rotterdam Festivals.

  • International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam

    The sixth edition of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam officially opens on 28 May 2014 in the Kunsthal and the Museum of Natural History in Rotterdam. The exhibition is open to the public from 29 May until 24 August 2014. The Dutch landscape architect Dirk Sijmons is the curator, and the theme is Urban by Nature.

  • Rotterdam Festivals

    Rotterdam Festivals is responsible for Rotterdam's events policy. We help to provide a unique, interesting, innovative and characteristic range of festivals for the city. From putting together the events calendar to providing financiel support based on clear criteria. We also ensure that knowledge is exchanged within the sector.

  • AIR

    AIR is het architectuurcentrum van Rotterdam. Het daagt uit tot het publieke en professionele gesprek over de architectuur, stedenbouw en landschapsarchitectuur van Rotterdam en zijn regio.

  • Jeroen Hoorn

    Bureau Jeroen Hoorn, architect, Rotterdam

  • Boom & Tuin

    Sijp Tewitt, our transport hero!

  • Blue Chili Creative

    "Blue Chili Creative is our creative partner. They are responsible for the technical development of the website and also helped to bring the initial ideas to life. Work on the website still continues and always will."

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