'Hotel Rotterdam, Wake up in 24 Uur Cultuur' can be organized thanks to participation of
Rotterdam Festivals and 24 uur Cultuur.

  • Rotterdam Festivals

    Rotterdam is the second-largest city in the Netherlands, and one of the largest ports in the world. One of Europe's most vibrant, multicultural cities, Rotterdam is known for its university (Erasmus), cutting-edge architecture, lively cultural life, striking riverside setting and maritime heritage. The last couple of years Rotterdam invested in the public space of its inner city, with the goal to create a City Lounge, a space where people meet, stay and repose.

  • 24 Uur Cultuur

    Rotterdam opens the cultural season in a very unusual way. Starting at 17.00 on Saturday 14 September, culture is placed in the spotlight for 24 straight hours. For the duration, Rotterdam will be dominated by theatre, dance, visual art, music, film, architecture and design, offering visitors the chance to experience and enjoy an attractive, varied and surprising programme.

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