Connected to North Sea Jazz and North Sea Round Town (June 24 - July 10 2016), Wake up in It offered visitors of these Jazz-festivals a personal match to a Rotterdam Jazz-artist. Overnight stay at the home/studio of the musician were included! Read more

Jan Dumee

Dutch composer and guitar-virtuoso Jan Dumee is widely acclaimed for his rich and surpising compositional work and guitar playing. His music is described as ‘very creative’, ‘non-conformist in approach’, ‘ear-tickling’ and ‘knowing no bounds’.

With ‘O Septeto Plus’ (with musicians from Brazil, Senegal, Argentina, Holland and Croatia) he recorded the album ‘Rodinha‘, recognized in 1998 as one of the best Dutch worldmusic productions. Until 2006 Jan played in ‘Focus’, with Dutch icons Thijs van Leer and Pierre van der Linden. In 2005 his solo-album ‘Rio on the Rocks‘ was released. He regularly works with musicians from  Brasil, Holland, France and Germany. In 2007 Jan started OTR (On the rocks) with ex-Uriah Heep/Lucifer’s Friend singer John Lawton (first CD ‘Mamonama‘). Jan Dumee is involved in ‘The Cubrabop Quintet‘ (Cd 'Cubrabop'), he is part of  ‘Dumee & Dijkgraaf Quinteto’ (cd ‘Heloisando’) and he works for the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra of Barra Mansa (Rio de Janeiro).

Mark Schilders

Mark began drumming at 5 years old and went on to seamlessly integrate into the established Dutch Jazz scene at the young age of 18. He studied and teached at 'Codarts'. While a student, he won the prestigious Prinses Christina Jazz Concours (2008) and the Erasmus Jazz Prijs (2011). Schilders has performed with greats as Reinier Baas, Randal Corsen, Ernst Reijseger, Anton Goudsmit, Stefan Lievestro, Ben van Gelder, Jake Saslow, Jason Lindner, Gregory Porter, Jesse van Ruller, Lars Dietrich, Harmen Fraanje, Benjamin Herman, et cetera. He toured through the UK, USA, Greece, Spain, Germany, South-Korea, Japan, China and Italy.

In 2012 he was awarded three grants simultaneously to study at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York. In 2014 Schilders was selected as ‘Nieuwe Maker’ by the Dutch Performing Arts Fund in collaboration with Stichting Jazz International Rotterdam. In 2016 he releases his debut album as composer entitled ‘Fabrik’. Photo Gemma van der Heyden

Stephanie Francke

Stephanie Francke (1989) knew at young age that she wanted be a musician. She plays the alto- and soprano saxophone. She graduated from the conservatory of Rotterdam and won the Erasmus Jazz prize in 2012. She leads the Stephanie Francke Quartet, in april 2013 they released a debut album called Florigen. The album features Koen Schalkwijk as the piano player, Thomas Pol on double bass, Niek de Bruijn on drums and Stephanie on saxophones. May 2015 Stephanie released her second album ‘Ripples’ with her quartet. This time it will feature Guus Bakker on double bass.

She played at, amongst other places, North Sea Jazz, the Bimhuis, Lowlands, the International Jazz Festival Middelburg and LantarenVenster. Jury Erasmus Jazz prize 2012: “We were impressed by Stephanie’s enchanting sound and beautiful compositions. Stephanie makes music that leaves you longing to hear more”. Jazzflits 2013: “Francke is a name to remember!” Photo Karen van Gilst

Thomas Pol

Thomas Pol is a Rotterdam-based bass player who is well known in the Dutch and international scene. Thomas was raised in a very musical family. At age four, he started playing violin and at age ten he started playing the upright bass. He studied bass at the Codarts Conservatory in Rotterdam and did a 2 years master program at the University of New Orleans. In New Orleans he studied classical music, arranged for orchestra, started his career as a bandleader and recorded his first album.

Thomas shared the stage with an impressive amount of well-known musicians, such as Ellis Marsalis, Benjamin Herman, Herlin Riley, John Engels, Stanton Moore, Ack van Rooyen, Randy Brecker, Steve Masakowski, Caro Emerald, Wess “Warmdaddy” Anderson, Harmen Fraanje, Gregory Porter, Johnny Vidacovich, Peter Beets, Jamison Ross, Wouter Hamel, Nicholas Payton, Peter Bernstein and countless others.

Paulo Bouwman

Paulo Bouwman (1986, Portugal) started playing the guitar at 11. Quickly following: piano, cavaquinho (a kind of ukulele), drums, saxophone, bass and electric guitar. He chose the guitar as main instrument for his education at Codarts, Rotterdam.

Paulo is a fabulous and wanted musician. The ‘Paulo Bouwman Trio’ (Paulo Bouwman: guitars, Rayley Janga: bass, Tuur Moens: drums) plays a warm and rhythmical mix, born to captivate the crowd. Next to Cape Verdean and Brasilian music he is also engaged in Jazz, Pop and Soul. With ‘Rabasa’ he plays guitar, vocals and percussion, at ‘Trio Sodade’ he plays the 7-string guitar. He regularly cooperates with musicians like Dina Medina, Tito Paris, Lilian Vieira,  and Evita Tjon A Ten. At The Guitaracademy he teaches South-American, Cape Verdean, Jazz, Pop and Classical music, on acoustic and electric guitar. Besides his music, he is part of the mangement team of North Sea Round Town, and is involved in organizing Cape Verdian Festivals, like São João Festival. Photo Teresa Almeida

Marc Bischoff

Marc Bischoff is a pianist, an arranger and a producer. At the age of 11 his tutor Kurt Klose introduced him to Latin Jazz and Afro Cuban music. In 2001 he graduated cum laude at the Codarts Conservatory in Rotterdam. Marc has been playing with Nueva Manteca, Cubop City Big Band, Rumbatá, Alfredo "Chocolate" Armenteros, Nelson Gonzales and Andy Gonzales. He has developed into a well respected arranger and producer. For example, he has arranged and composed for the Cubop City Big Band, Rumbatá, Rumbatá Big Band, Nueva Manteca and Gerardo Rosales, the European Broadcasting Union-Big Band and the Metropole Orchestra. He arranged and co-produced Nils Fischer's album "Gracias Joe Cuba", Fabian Nodarse's album "Renacer" and the new salsa duo "Doble Jugada".

Marc currently performs with Curaçao's most well known singer/songwriter Izaline Calister. In 2009 his own debut CD "Later is too Late" was released, exploring the territories of World Music and Jazz with a completely new sound of jazz. Photo Rosaria Macri

Ed Verhoeff

Guitar player Ed Verhoeff (1966) belongs to the top jazz guitarists of the ‘new generation’ in the Netherlands. Ed started out playing guitar in various pop and blues bands. He studied at the conservatories of Utrecht and The Hague. He's a wanted musician in jazz, pop clubs and theaters and played with such musicians as John Abercrombie, Philip Catherine, Hein van de Geijn, Gerard Presencer, Rick Margitza, Ivan Lins, Lincoln Goines, Alex Acuna, Andy Narell, Martin Verdonk, Karim Ziad, Arthur Verocai and the Metropole Orchestra. In the theatre world with Izaline Calister, Mathilde Santing, Ramses Shaffy, Madeline Bell and Julya Loco.

At the moment Ed is leading his own projects; the Duo Ed Verhoeff & Paul Berner and The Ed Verhoeff Band. He furthermore works with/forms part of: the famous jazz/latin band Nueva Manteca, the Lucas van Merwijk’s Music Machine, the Paul Berner band, Batik and the Izaline Calister Band.

Ronald Kool

Ronald Kool (keyboard, piano) is a musician, composer, arranger and teacher. He studied at the Rotterdam Conservatorium Codarts. Ronald played in various bands and with numerous musicians, like Anouk, Kane, HiPS, Karin Bloemen, Michel van Schie, Reinier Baas and Trijntje Oosterhuis.

Ronald is a passionate improviser. ‘When making music, you are improvising on every level. If you really open up for yourself and the other, nothing can go wrong. If you make a mistake, just repeat it, so it won't be a mistake anymore’. He teaches at the Rotterdam Pop Academy (part of Codarts), where students consider him to be a great inspiration. foto@jelmerdehaas.com

Akos Laki (Carlama)

He was born 1967 in Yugoslavia and studied classical clarinet, jazz saxophone and bass clarinet. He won several prices in Macedonia, Croatia, and Poland. In 1996 he was the winner of the Dutch Jazz Concours with his own Woodwind duo Double B. Akos plays tenor saxophone in Carlama. This Serbian word refers to a certain kind of wild dance as well as to a exuberant party. The musicians combine the rich Serbian brassband tradition with rhythms and melodies from all over the Balkan region, resulting in a steaming mix in which improvisation plays an important part. Hunting rhythms, furious trills, blazing ballads and a good sense of humour are the main ingredients in this group.

Currently Akos also plays in Laki Latino, Akos Laki Trio/Quartet, Double B and Double Band together with Stansilav Mitrovic, Klez-tetics, Global Village Orchestra and Panchito. In Rotterdam he's regularly involved in sessions in Dizzy, Bird en De Doelencafe. Photo Zsofi Bodnar

Michel van Schie

Fortunately, his aunt pushed a guitar into his hands when he was 16. Later, his guitar-teacher introduced the bass guitar to him. (He never even saw one before) About 40 years later Michel van Schie is one of the top-musicians of the Netherlands. By colleague-musicians he was honoured with a ‘Duiveltje’ (Devil) for Best Bassist of the Netherlands.

Trijntje Oosterhuis, Candy Dulfer, Jan Akkerman, Postmen, Erwijn Nijhoff, Flaming June, Schlatman, Anouk, Edsilia Rombley, van Velzen, Edwin Evers band and FULLDUPLEXX; only a few names of the many he played with. In the early eighties he studied at the Rotterdam Conservatorium. He lived on stage ever since, and played with numerous musicians. Besides this he also produces now and then, and teaches at the Rotterdam Conservatorium.

Diona Fox (Karin Canters)

Diona Fox (born in 1989 as Karin Canters) started singing when she was 13 years old as a standin in her mother's choir. At 16 she fell madly in love with jazz music. Inspired by the great vocalists/artists as Billie Holiday, Carmen Mcrae and Ella Fitzgerald she started writing her own songs.

With her band Diona Fox & her Ragdolls she writes with her fellow musicians, fresh tunes flavored with jazz, gypsy jazz and pop music. With over a hundred shows each year she's a familiar face in the scene. Recently singing with the magnificent Doctor Bernard and His Swing Orchestra was definitely a highlight and also a dream come true. Coming up: brandnew recordings, shows in France, several Jazz Festivals in Holland and more video's! 

Arend Niks

Arend Niks (Schiedam, August 10, 1960) is a percussionist and composer who, based on a pop background and with a  fresh vision, plays jazz- and improvised- music. He often collaborates with guitarist Corrie van Binsbergen, in groups as 'Corrie en de (Grote) Brokken', KNVB and CRAM. He also forms his own groups, such as 'Niks', 'Niks Project' en 'New Niks'. For these groups he writes most compositions, expressing his ideas about sound, shape, style and dynamic. He enjoys working with dancers and theatre, for example with 'Geen Deel' and 'Orkater', with whom he worked on two productions for the traveling theatre festival 'De Parade'.

Quirijn Vos

Quirijn Vos started playing the trumpet when he was 8 years old. At the age of 14 his talent was noticed by his teacher Andre Heuvelman, who invited him to come to the Rotterdam Conservatory. He graduated Cum Laude in 2012. Among his private teachers: Eric Vloeimans, Simon Rigter, Marvin Stamm, Wim Both, Ad van Zon, Andre Heuvelman and Jarmo Hoogendijk. In 2008, 2009 and 2010 he has played at North Sea Jazz. In 2009 he and his band Raw Kandinsky won the Blue Note Demo contest and in 2010 the XL-jazz concours in Brussels. In 2011/12 he studied in Graz Austria with Jim Rotondi & Tobias Weidinger.

Currently, he plays with numerous artists: Blaudzun, Maria Schneider, Bryan Lynch, Ack van Rooyen, James Morisson, Bart van Lier, Izaline Callister, Hans Dulfer, and plays in clubs with DJ's like Hed Kandi (live), Erick E, Gregor Salto, La Fuente, Lucien Foort, Ziggy Stardust, Ricky Rivaro and Roog. Photo Kurt Vandeweerdt

Andreas Suntrop

Andreas Suntrop (1966) studied jazz/popular music at the Rotterdam Conservatory. He plays in various jazz formations, including New Niks, Jasper le Clercq 4, Busy, Busy, Busy, GAP and Elizabeth Simonian 5. Andreas has worked with Carel Kraayenhof, Eric Vloeimans, Jasper le Clercq, Pieter de Mast, Keimpe de Jong, John Buijsman, Mimezine, Oene van Geel, Arend Niks, Mijke Loeven, Vera van der Poel, Elizabeth Simonian, Maarten Ornstein, and Zapp4. He worked as a composer/musician for the RO Theater, Rotterdam Foundation The Connection, Theater Aluin, Growing Up In Public. John Buijsman, Keimpe de Jong and Andreas Suntrop made several musical theater productions. Photo Cees van de Ven

Andreas lives with Gabby Bakker who teaches actors in training at the HKU, DOX and Codarts. Besides her theater-activities she sings in/with different formations and bands.

Julia Reinhold

Julia Reinhold is a dedicated singer, songwriter and musician, performing as Lenya. An uncommon fragility in her music reveals her love for songwriters of the 60’s and 70’s, and of alternative genres. Lenya introduced herself with the EP ‘Backwoods’ (2012), which gathered rave reviews: “Most notably, ‘The Collector’ proves that Lenya possesses great qualities, both as a songwriter and as a singer” (3voor12). Lenya’s debut album, produced by Jakob Sigmond (guitarist Blaudzun), is due for release in the fall of 2016.

After studying Musicology and Pop vocals, Julia always kept challenging the boundaries of her creativity: learning new instruments, exploring diverse genres and orchestration. She teaches vocals, e.g. at the Herman Brood Academie and Zanglesrotterdam. Photo Joel Timmerman

Carlo Balemans

Carlo Balemans (1963) is a creative artist, conductor, teacher and composer. He works at Codarts Rotterdam, University for the Arts. He has been a guest conductor for the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra, Carroll College Wind Symphony and many other ensembles.

“Meet, Inspire & Celebrate” is the basis of Carlo’s way of working. He has a great interest in people and their talents. He worked with world top performers like Eric Vloeimans, Bojan Zulfikarpasic, Conny Janssen Danst. He loves to facilitate spaces in which these top end musicians meet other musicians from all different backgrounds, ages and levels. To inspire one another by being together, celebrating life and creating great Sound Trips. "Carlos Sound Trip" is the result of 30 years of working. A Sound Trip is a Big Bang of classical and experimental music, jazz, hiphop and video. He lives with Marjolein den Adel. She’s a singer/songwriter. She also works with special needs children. Photo Hiphoplady Doree

Ruud Bergamin

Ruud Bergamin is a saxophonist, composer, arranger, conductor and music teacher. He plays all types of saxophones and clarinet. Ruud picked up the saxophone at the age of 14, and started to perform in a band at 15. Since then, he played in several groups, such as Gijs Hendriks Orchestra, Utrechts Jazz Orchestra, Jazzmijn, De Boventoon and Nieuw Rotterdams Peil. Most important jazzstyles: neobop; bebop; mainstreamjazz; freejazz; improvised music; latinjazz; swing and groove music.

Ruud is a member of the bands Cruise Control and Red Cool (trio with soft sounding music), and he forms a duo with tango-pianist Wim Warman: TangoZZs. He performs regularly at De Verandering; Galerie Kralingen (Rotterdam) and is a conductor of Big Bands and a leader of jazz workshops.

Keimpe de Jong

Keimpe de Jong (1957) is a saxophonist, composer and conductor living in Rotterdam. In 1981 he graduated from the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. He plays his saxophone in pop, jazz, brass- and worldmusic, but most of all in theaterproductions. De Jong has a passion for projects where these worlds mingle. With a variety of horn players from all over the world, especially from Suriname and the Antilles, he formed 'de Nazaten'.

The name of this orchestra echoes the music of the European harmony and fanfare bands. The repertoire stems from and elaborates on the many forms of world/windmusic, in which improvisation and dansability prevail. Music of which the origins cannot clearly be determined, and that came into existence thanks to  the adultery of our royal forefathers, finding its prize on the dance floor, where love dawns, friendship is celebrated and differences in colour, status or origin don't matter. Photo Eddy Westveer

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