'Hotel Rotterdam, Wake up in Opera 2013' can be organized thanks to participation of:
Operadagen RotterdamCity of Rotterdam and Rotterdam Festivals.

  • Rotterdam Festivals

    Rotterdam Festivals is responsible for Rotterdam's events policy. We help to provide a unique, interesting, innovative and characteristic range of festivals for the city. From putting together the events calendar to providing financiel support based on clear criteria. We also ensure that knowledge is exchanged within the sector.

  • Operadagen Rotterdam

    The power of music and of the human voice when associated with theatre is overwhelming. Old and new forms of presentation and of aesthetics create a fascinating sense of excitement; this makes opera intensely interesting as a modern art form. By following every development in this field closely, Operadagen Rotterdam seeks to create an artistically valuable and significant international opera and music theatre festival for the city of Rotterdam.

  • Rotterdamse Schouwburg

    More than 500 performances are shown each year in the Rotterdamse Schouwburg, varying from classical ballet to experimental multimedia theatre. 
All the major Dutch theatre, dance and opera companies can be seen in the Schouwburg. Performances from Rotterdam companies such as RO Theater, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and Dance Works Rotterdam usually premiere here. 

They provide a structured programme of international entertainment and accommodate festivals such as GDMW, the International Film Festival Rotterdam and Poetry International.

  • Luxor Theater Rotterdam

    Luxor Theater Rotterdam is THE large amusement theater of city and region, with the old Luxor in the city centre of Rotterdam and the new Luxor south of the Erasmus bridge.

  • De Doelen Rotterdam

    De Doelen is een veelgeroemd concertgebouw en een state-of-the-art congresgebouw. In deze combinatie is de Doelen veruit de grootste van Nederland. Er vinden jaarlijks ruim 1.200 evenementen plaats, waaronder zo’n 600 concerten in alle genres: van klassiek tot wereldmuziek en jazz. De zeer brede programmering, van grote publiekstrekkers tot specialistische concerten voor de doorgewinterde muziekkenner, van kinderconcerten tot concerten met muziek uit diverse herkomstlanden, maakt de Doelen een echt muziekhuis voor iedereen.

  • City of Rotterdam

    Rotterdam is the second-largest city in the Netherlands, and one of the largest ports in the world. One of Europe's most vibrant, multicultural cities, Rotterdam is known for its university (Erasmus), cutting-edge architecture, lively cultural life, striking riverside setting and maritime heritage. The last couple of years Rotterdam invested in the public space of its inner city, with the goal to create a City Lounge, a space where people meet, stay and repose.

  • Advisors Wake up in Opera 2013

    Gérard Steenbergen Business manager Operadagen Rotterdam/ Managing director of LP II.
    Cora Schmeiser Singer and teacher, fascinated by music of the middleages and of our time.
    Guy Coolen Artistic director of the Operadagen Rotterdam and of Muziektheater Transparant.
    Barbara Duifjes Performer & dramaturg at t.g. Zoogdier/ Guest teacher & peformancecoach at Codarts Rotterdam

  • Boom & Tuin

    Sijp Tewitt is our transport hero.

  • Blue Chili Creative

    "Blue Chili Creative is our creative partner. They are responsible for the technical development of the website and also helped to bring the initial ideas to life. Work on the website still continues and always will."

  • Rotterdam Marketing

    As a city marketing organisation, Rotterdam Marketing contributes to helping the Rotterdam economy flourish. The independent services we offer are designed to build bridges between various business relations, which include visitors, locals, brand partners, intermediaries and other stakeholders. Rotterdam Marketing works closely with 180 partners in the city.

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