Visitors of the Art fairs could sign up for overnight stays in the studios and homes of Rotterdam artists. These artists were selected on talent and hospitality. The exact address and name of the artist were revealed after registration as a guest, and after payment. This surprise element is an essential part of Hotel Rotterdam. Hotel Rotterdam, Wake up in Art 2014 was connected to Art Rotterdam.

Hotel Rotterdam, Wake up in It  is not a Hotel. At Hotel Rotterdam, Wake up in It you book an adventure in which we promise you a creative professional and a bed!

Wake up in It connects to cultural city-events. Exclusively for guests of this event Hotel Rotterdam offers matches to city-residents who work in the same subject as this event. Overnight stay at the home or studio of the creative professional is included. Costs will be 90 euro for one person, 140 euro for two persons, breakfast, VAT and city tax included.

Wake up in It is an organization of 2 people: Wibbine Kien and Judith van den Berg. Wake up in It connects to a certain cultural festival in a certain city. The name ‘Hotel …, Wake up in ...’ is used in combination with the city and the event. For instance, 'Hotel Rotterdam, Wake up in Jazz', is connected to a Rotterdam Jazz Festival, and offers the visitor of this Jazz festival a match to a very talented Jazz musician living in Rotterdam, overnight stay at the musicians home or studio is included. Extra adventurous: The creative professional and exact address will only be revealed after registration as a guest. This surprise element is an essential part of Wake up in It.

Wake up in It presents a festival, a city and it’s talented inhabitants in a unique way, and organizes a personal experience for visitors and creative professionals.

The full name of our initiative is 'Hotel Rotterdam, Wake up in It'. 'Hotel' tends to be confusing, we use it because we transform the city into a special area with welcoming creative professionals hidden in every corner! Don't prepare for a luxury Hotel-night, but do expect a warm welcome by a creative professional, including overnight stay and breakfast at the house of your host!


Guests are visitors of the event who wish to book an adventure in the discipline of the event. They can request a match on The name of the creative professional and the exact address will be revealed after registration as a guest, and after paying for the night. This surprise element is an essential part of Wake up in It.


With great care, and based on their ‘professional quality’s linked to the event’, the organization selects participating hosts. By participating in Wake up in It, the host gets the chance to expose his/her professional qualities. Wake up in It presents its hosts and their work in various forms of (social) media.

Special role

With the same great care guest and host will be matched by the organization. Such an encounter starts with a certain unpredictability and creates a situation with a surprise outcome. At the start, their relationship will be unclear in the rather personal environment of the artist's residence. Will the guest feel like a welcome visitor, a voyeur, a distant acquaintance or an hotel guest? And the host? Is he a humble host or an entertaining artist? In which role does he feel most comfortable? Or are new roles being created?

Reception desk

Our reception desk will, if  wished by the organization of the event, be situated at the event. It is an eye-catching artwork, designed as a small house. A staff member of Wake up in It will be present here. All information about Wake up in It can be obtained at the hotel desk.

The unexpected city

By offering our matches, the city will presents itself in a special way; the artists are scattered throughout the city. Guests will find themselves at surprising locations. They will see the city in a whole new light and will be exposed to impressions different from a more standard stay. Participating creative professionals represent their street, neighborhood, city, and will proudly relate to the place they work and live. This project can be seen as an enthousiastic promotion of the city and its inhabitants.

Terms and conditions

1. Organisation
Wake up in It is owned and organised by Wibbine Kien and Judith van den Berg. They are responsible for the content of the project.

2. Finances
The financial processing is done by Stichting Ding 1. One overnight stay for 1 person costs € 90,- and costs € 140,- for 2 persons, including breakfast, VAT, and city tax. This amount can be transferred to Stichting Ding. The hosts will respectively receive € 60,- or € 100,-, ex VAT.

3. Time of arrival, time of deaprture
  Guest and host decide together when and where they will meet.

4.Participation as host(ess)
Participating hosts are selected by external advisors and asked to participate by the organization of Wake up in It.

5. Registration as a guest
Registration for a match can be done via the form ‘Get me a match’ on the website Completing and sending this form does not guarantee a placement for a match. All requests for participation are first reviewed by the organisation. Placement is partly depending on the desired date of arrival and the availability of creative professionals for that particular date.

6. Registration, acceptance, placement, and payment
After acceptation of the guest registration by Wake up in It, the guest will be notified. The match rate is paid by guests after they have received a notification which states that there is a creative professional available on the desired date. After payment, the guest is connected to a host. As long as the organisation has not received the guest payment and guests are not yet connected to a host, hosts and guests cannot assert any rights.

7. Cancellation of registration
When the guest cancels his or her registration, there will be no refund. The host which was connected to the guest will still be paid. However, when a new match is booked for the same date at the same host, the total amount of the cancelled registration goes to the organization.

8. Bed
Every creative professional offers his guest a bed. The additional facilities differ per host and the host is completely responsible for the décor and facilities. The organization visits the creative professionals on the location of the overnight stay, prior to the actual arrival of the guest.

9. Own arrangements
Every guest–creative combination is unique and the organization is not responsible for mutual agreements between hosts and guests.

10. Responsibility
Wake up in It is not responsible for any losses, theft, and/or damage to persons and/or goods in whatever form. Participating creative professionals and guests are advised to have a comprehensive liability insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the host(ess) know if the guests are reliable?
Wake up in It asks the name, address, and telephone number of guests upon registration. Then we research every guest on the Internet. If we have any doubt whatsoever that something is not right, the guest will not be accepted.

How do guests know that the host is reliable?
The selection of hosts is done by a team of advisors. They know the creative professionals personally and select them on their reliability, hospitality, and quality of their work. The organization of Wake up in It visits the hosts at home. They have a coffee together and talk about Wake up in It, the life of the host, his/her interests and everything else that come's up.

When are hosts and guests notified to whom they are matched?
Directly after we have received the payment of guests, we match the guest to a host. This process can take a few days. Then, the contact details are passed on to guests and hosts.

- How can guests pay?
Guests pay directly to the organization Wake up in It before they are connected to an creative professional.

- How are the participating creative professionals paid?
After the event, we pay the creative professionals. They respectively receive € 60,- for one guest and € 100,- for 2 guests.

- Is the guest allowed to go the house of the host during the day?
Every match is unique. Guest and hosts decide about these things together. You can discuss these things in advance, and/or during your visit (once you met eachother you could feel more familiar)

Do guests get a key?
That could be very practical. However, here it also applies that guest and hosts decide about these things together. You can discuss these things in advance, and/or during your visit (once you met eachother you could feel more familiar) The organization is not responsible for possible consequences.

Where do I meet the creative professional?
Host and guest decide together when and where they meet. This could be, to name some possibilities, at the home of the creative professional, at the event/festival, at the station, in a cafe, etcetera.

What kind of breakfast does the host needs to serve guest?
That is completely up to the host. It is possible to consult guests about their breakfast preferences. If a guest is for example a vegetarian, the guest can mention this to the host in advance in the email contact with him/her.

-Is it possible to declare expenses that creative professionals make to please their guests?

What if guests want to buy work from the creative professional?
Nice! We leave it up to the guests and hosts, and Wake up in It will not ask any fees.

What if the guest wants to stay another night?
Contact us to prevent any overbookings and preserve the character of the concept. Wake up in It will deal with the matches and financial settlement.

What if the guest wants to stay another night with another creative professionals?
Give us a call. We will check the possibilities and manage the financial settlement.

What if the guest or host has a complaint and they cannot work it out together?
Call us!

What if something from the guest or host is broken or lost?
We hope you can work it out together. We as an organization are not responsible for such incidents. However, we would offer to mediate.

Are the check-in and check-out times fixed?
Guests and hosts decide about this together.

Will guests receive a refund when he or she decides to cancel the reservation?


Is your question not mentioned in the list? Give us a call!

Judith van den Berg: 00 31 641468018

Wibbine Kien: 00 31 6 22796704

Or send an email to


copyright Wake up in It 2012 all rights reserved

copyright Wake up in It. all rights reserved

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