'Hotel Rotterdam, Wake up in Art 2014' can be organized thanks to participation of
 Art Rotterdam and Rotterdam Festivals.

  • Ove Lucas

    Ove Lucas, director at Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam, advised us during 'Wake up in Art 2014' and 'Wake up in Art 2015'.

  • Rotterdam Festivals

    Rotterdam Festivals is responsible for Rotterdam's events policy. We help to provide a unique, interesting, innovative and characteristic range of festivals for the city. From putting together the events calendar to providing financiel support based on clear criteria. We also ensure that knowledge is exchanged within the sector.

  • Villa Zebra

    Villa Zebra creates visual art exhibitions for children between 3 and 12 years old and seeks to stimulate creativity and curiosity in children. The interaction between children and art is a main focus point for Villa Zebra. Exhibition subjects are derived from the world of children. Ordinary subjects are experienced as special and extra-ordinary by way of the art. Innovative educational tools and active workshops stimulate children to invent new things and approaches to the subject.

  • Art Rotterdam

    Over the past years Art Rotterdam, founded in 2000, has developed into an internationally renowned platform for contemporary art. The fair, that presents more than ninety well-known as well as upcoming galleries from home and abroad, shows the latest developments within contemporary art.

  • Frank Taal

    Frank Taal, Rotterdam gallerist and close friend, advised us during all 'Wake up in Art'-episodes: 2012, 2013, 2014 and, coming up: 2015!

  • Boom & Tuin

  • Blue Chili Creative

    "Blue Chili Creative is our creative partner. They are responsible for the technical development of the website and also helped to bring the initial ideas to life. Work on the website still continues and always will."

  • Jos Dirkse


    Entrepreneur and Informal Investor.

  • Rotterdam Marketing

    As a city marketing organisation, Rotterdam Marketing contributes to helping the Rotterdam economy flourish. The independent services we offer are designed to build bridges between various business relations, which include visitors, locals, brand partners, intermediaries and other stakeholders. Rotterdam Marketing works closely with 180 partners in the city.

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